The first people of Australia are called Aborigines. They were nomads and said they were in Australia from the beginning of the world! They hunted kangaroos, sea cows (If they were near the water), and water frogs for water. And because they were nomads they didn’t live in a house! And when they went hunting, they put mud on them so the animals wouldn’t smell the human scent. Near Australia is a country called New Zealand. New Zealand was discovered by the Maori people. They made canoes that had coconut fiber sails and used them to discover islands near them. The Maori people came from the Polynesian islands. Then they decided that they wanted to discover something new far away. So when they were so far from the Polynesian islands, they discovered something that looked like a big cloud. But when they got closer, it was two big islands close to each other. I will tell the story of how they thought the islands were made! There was a kid named Maui. Maui was the youngest of his brothers! He wanted to go on adventures with them, but they kept on saying “You’re too young!”. One day Maui had enough. He was going on an adventure with them whether they liked it or not. He heard his brothers were going fishing! So he hid in their canoe. So when the brothers got on the canoe and sailed off for some fish, it was too late for them to bring Maui back. And when Maui revealed himself to them, they shrugged. They didn’t want him on their trip. However, they allowed him to fish. And what Maui did shocked his brothers. He caught the largest fish they had ever seen! But the fish was so big the canoe was sinking! So they chopped it up as fast as they can! They said that the body of the fish was the Earth. After they chopped the fish, they said they created mountains and valleys! It was said that the new Earth is the fish of Maui. But the reality is that New Zealand was made of volcanoes.