After the Roman Empire fell, barbaric tribes started to move into their lands. However, they started learning Roman customs! One of these barbarian tribes was called the Franks. They claimed to be descendants of Troy! The Roman province they moved into was Gaul (France). There were other kingdoms in Gaul; the Burgundians, Allemanni, and many more. They all didn’t like each other! But one day, A barbaric tribe called the Huns came from Asia and started to attack Gaul! Because the Huns were powerful, the kingdoms of Gaul decided to unite against them, for they might stand no chance if they didn’t ally with each other. Merovius, one of the kings who united against the Huns, was the Grandfather of Clovis I! Clovis kept thinking about when Gaul was united, but this time he wanted to be the leader. So he married a Burgundian Princess and fought the Allemanni and the remaining Romans so that he could become king of all Gaul. When he finally beat all of them, he had to make laws. One of his laws was that if a Roman stole something valuable from a Frank, he had to pay him 2,500 denars. But if a Frank stole from a Roman he would have to pay 1,400 denars. After Clovis’ reign, there was another king. But this king was in the time when the Muslims invaded Spain, and Portugal. And they were ready to attack the Franks! The king of the Franks name this time was Charles Martel. He was ready to fight the Muslims. One of the battles he fought against them is called the Battle of Tours. Before the battle of Tours, the General of the Muslims thought that his men worried more of their plunder, than winning the battle. However, if the General said, “Leave your gold behind.”, then his men would probably revolt. But when his men said they were ready to fight, they failed to win because they were worried about their plunder. And so Charles Martel won that day. After Charles’ rule, Charles’ grandson was one of the greatest Frankish kings in medieval times. His name was Charlemagne. Charlemagne thought that the Franks were returning to their old ways. So, he hired many monks to copy the Scriptures. He also wanted to expand his empire. So he fought other kingdoms for thirty years! During and after his years of fighting, he rebuilt Roman roads, buildings, and more Roman structures. After fighting for many years, he had almost half of the Roman Empire! And when he was sixty, he went to see the pope. The pope crowned him as Emperor of Rome. But later on, he would be called The Holy Roman Emperor.