In America, long ago, there were Indians and some white settlers. One of these Indian’s names was Naoman. Naoman was treated very well by a white family. One day, when Naoman came to their house, he was anxious. He looked worried and troublesome. The wife of Stacy wondered why Naoman was like this unlike before! Finally, when Naoman told her, he said “The Indians are preparing to kill every last white person in the area, for some white people had irritated the Indians!”. Then he said, “Will you promise me that you won’t tell anyone but your husband?”. She said, “Yes, I promise you by the Great Spirit that I will tell none but my husband.”. Soon, the wife told her husband about the danger, for they had to go as soon as possible. The Indian said that they had to go across the river Fishkill. However, their boat was filled with water. And the husband went inside the house to get his gun. As they were preparing, some Indians saw how suspicious they were being. So when the family went on their boat, an Indian scout sent an alarm to the other Indians that they were getting ready to escape! So 5 Indians got on their kayaks and chased them through the water. They were getting so close, that Stacy started to use his gun! But his wife told him not to do that because if they did, they would be shown absolutely no mercy! He realized that this was very likely and so he listened to his wife. However, they were overrun by the Indians. When they reached the Indian camp, the Indians did something dreadful. They asked the woman of the Indian who betrayed his tribe. If she did not answer, they threatened to murder her children in front of her very eyes. So the chief asked her 3 times! “Who is the red man who betrayed his tribe”? She did not answer. At the last moment, when the brutal Indians were about to slice the children’s necks, Naoman stood up. He said that he was the man who betrayed his tribe and that he was ready to die! The Indians, who were very angry, slashed his body and struck him with tomahawks! His body lay dead on the ground, with his mantle of furs covering the dead man’s body. Although Naoman gave his life, it didn’t save the poor family. And that’s why the place of where they died, is called Murderer’s Creek.