The knights fought very well in battles. So, when there was no war, they did to others just like they did in wartime, stole from churches and threatened peasants! The leaders of the church needed to teach knights that they should be kind, honest, brave, a good soldier, and more! This was called chivalry. Also, if a knight fell in love with a lady, he had to do whatever she said no matter how hard it was. But to even be a knight, you had to do training for a long time! If your father was a knight, you too would become one. First, you start your training at the age of seven by learning how to ride a horse and how to fight with a sword or spear! Then, you go to a training camp where you become a page. As a page, you learn to put on heavy armor and use a shield. When you become eighteen, you become a squire, someone who helps a knight with all his needs! Finally, there is a ceremony for you. You have to pray in a chapel all day long! The next day, you have to take a cold bath. Then, you put on a red cloak, a white shirt, and brown trousers. All these things represent what you would do as a knight! (The red cloak represents the blood you will spill, the white shirt represents purity, and the brown trouser represents the Earth where your body will be buried). Then a lord will tap a sword on your shoulders and say, “Now you are a knight!”. Then, a priest blesses you.
Samurai were also knights but Asian! They were warriors in Japan who fought for Daimyos, people who served the Emperor of Japan! However, these daimyos quarreled with one another, so they kept warriors for themselves! Samurai had colored iron armor since the air in Japan was damp! Samurai were supposed to win or die, for being a prisoner was humiliating. So, if they showed fear of death or cowardice, they were expected to kill themselves by a complicated ceremony called seppuku. But the Samurai did not always fight. They learned how to dance, and they built beautiful gardens! This was to say that they don’t spend all their time fighting, only if they had to.