Henry VI, son of Henry V, was the baby king of some of France and England. Now he was a grown man and lost all territory in France. Although he was king, he would rather read the Bible, than rule his kingdom! He spent hours reading the Bible, but because he wasn’t focusing on his kingdom, they needed a substitute king! He was also starting to go mad, since his grandfather before him had it, so, this was a second reason. So, they chose the Duke of York, a cousin of Henry VI. However, when Henry VI felt better, the Duke of York didn’t want to give up the throne. So, they fought a battle with him, and they killed him in the battle! But his son, Edward IV, raised an army and fought Henry VI and won! Then he loved a woman named Elizabeth Woodville, who used to be married to a knight who died on Henry VI’s side! His family and officials didn’t approve it, but he did it anyways. And when they were setting up a marriage between another kingdom, he had to admit he was already married. Because of this, some nobles turned to Henry’s side and freed him out of prison since Edward IV put him in jail. With nobles on his side, he went to fight Edward IV in battle. However, he escaped, and was raising an army to fight Henry VI. He won and put Henry VI in jail again, this time was murdered in his cell. Many say that Edward IV ordered his death, but we will never know for sure. With his rival gone, he could rule without anyone trying to fight him. He ruled England for twelve years before he died. With his son only being twelve years old, he would have to depend on advisers. And Although Edward IV agreed for his brother Richard, to be the substitute king when he died if his son was too young. However, Edward V’s family, wanted to advise him, not Richard. So, they planned to bring to London without telling Richard. That way, Edward V could choose his advisers (there was probably a high chance he would choose his family). But their plan failed when one of Richard’s friends told him that Edward IV is going to London to rule without Richard. So, Richard got some soldiers and went to meet Edward IV. When Richard saw him, he bowed down to him. But he also said that his mother was trying to take the throne from Edward IV. Edward IV said that his family would never do such a thing, but Richard and his soldiers didn’t agree with him. Then, Richard sent a message to his mother and brothers and told them that he did not kidnap them but has saved him. He also told her that he will be crowned in London, but his mother didn’t believe Richard. She thought Richard was gonna steal the crown for himself. So, she tried raising an army, but the people thought that Richard would keep his word, so they didn’t join her. He actually kept his word! When he kept his word, all the important people were on his side. Then he put Edward V in a Castle that used to be a prison! He chose guards to protect Edward V too. He also told that Edward V would be crowned very soon. But before Edward V was crowned, a well respected priest said that Richard should be king. And then some nobles said that he should take the crown for Edward. So he did. Many people suspected that he bribed them to say those stuff, but many people didn’t argue since he recently killed Edward V governor. Because of this, he crowned himself king, not Edward V. This made people think he killed him. However, he didn’t rule for long. Another royal cousin, Henry Tudor, raised an army to claim the throne for himself. They fought in a place called Bosworth Field. Richard’s army was twice as large as Henry’s. Yet he lost. His soldiers didn’t fight too hard, and they retreated. His advisers said that he was losing, but he said he would die king of England. He died in the battle and that was the end of The War of the Roses.