When Louie was a boy, he loved to do mischief. When he turned five, he started smoking and when he was 8, he started drinking alcohol! However, his brother Pete, was very different from him and he was the opposite of Louie. He didn’t do mischief, as he knew it was bad. Pete realized that his brother was very active in doing stuff. He also found out that Louie can run very fast. This made Pete want to make Louie’s skill change to good instead of bad. Louie’s mother, however, understood why Louie did mischief. She loved doing stuff like that when she was a kid. But Pete said to Louie that he can become a runner, since he was so fast. Louie agreed, and began practicing. As time went on, he became better and better! He was even starting to get better than his older brother, Pete! Although Louie was a good runner, he felt like he was being forced to do it. So he decided that he would go somewhere. Before he left, his mom and dad gave him a sandwich and two dollars. He felt guilt for what he was doing, but he did it anyways. He brought a friend with him and they went to Los Angeles, where they got in a car, and slept inside it. Then, they went on a train and climbed up the roof. But they got locked in a boxcar so hot, that they were burning to death. Somehow, they escaped the boxcar and Louie went back to his family. He started running again and this time, beat Pete’s record by 2 seconds. Louie began racing highschoolers and won against all of them. And no matter what, he won! His brother Pete then thought that Louie could compete in the Olympics in Germany, Berlin. It was 1936, when he went there. On the boat he went on, there was so much food to him that looked good he gained twelve pounds before he even got to his destination! Louie lost the race, but he had a very fast last lap.