After King Henry VIII died, his son, Edward VI, became king of England. It didn’t last long, however. He died of a sickness, and, because he didn’t have two sons, one of his daughters would have to be Queen of England. There were two of them, Mary and Elizabeth. Their supporters chose who would be the Queen. It was decided that Mary would be the Queen of England. When Mary was in public, she said good things about Elizabeth. But inside, she didn’t like Elizabeth. When Mary was born, she got to live in the palace and all those good benefits for a princess. But when Elizabeth was born, everything that belonged to that stuff was taken from Mary, and given to Elizabeth. While Elizabeth lived in the palace, Mary lived in a house that may have been nice for normal people, but not as much for Mary, as Mary grew up in the palace. However, when Edward VI was born, everything that was given to Elizabeth was given to Edward VI! This made Mary have some pity for Elizabeth. But she could not forget about Elizabeth taking stuff that was hers too. Now that Mary was Queen, however, she imprisoned Elizabeth, because she thought that Elizabeth was making a conspiracy to steal her throne. Because Mary couldn’t find any evidence of Elizabeth trying to take her throne, she let her go. Mary made her live in an uncomfortable house, however. After that, however, Mary tried to make England a Catholic country, as she was of Spanish heritage. Many people didn’t like this, so Mary burned three hundred people at the stake, as an example for those who would not be Catholic. She then married the Spanish king, Philip. This made the people hate her even more because she married a foreigner. Then, in 1558, she died of cancer. Because she didn’t give birth to a son, the crown was inherited by Elizabeth. So, soldiers and a messenger came to Elizabeth. Elizabeth, who thought this was the day was gonna get executed, was surprised when the messenger told her that she was the new Queen of England. She then made England a Protestant country again, as her sister changed it to Catholicism. She then started making England stronger and richer. She also sent explorers to explore America. However, sending explorers to America made Spain angry. The English were taking whatever the Spanish wanted! They even stole gold from Spanish ships! The Spanish had enough. They then threatened England that if they kept on raiding Spanish ships, Spain would declare war! Elizabeth thought they couldn’t fight Spain yet. So she sent the King of Spain a letter that told him that England would not raid Spanish ships. Secretly, Elizabeth told English sailors that they could raid Spanish ships. Because the English knew they wouldn’t get punished by the Queen, they did it. The King of Spain then realized what they were doing! He declared war and ordered a massive fleet. This fleet was made of 130 ships! The Spanish’s strategy was to grapple the other boat and board it, meanwhile, the English’s strategy was to shoot their boats full of holes. The English won because their strategy worked! This idea was used in sea battles, but guns were replaced with cannons. Although Spain was still strong after the battle, England would always be stronger than Spain from now on.