I went to Florida for vacation! It was very fun there, and I can’t wait to tell you about my trip! We stayed in Florida for ten days. On our first day there, we didn’t do much because we were resting after going off the plane. On Monday, we went to Disney World! There are four parks in Disney World Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom! We went to Magic Kingdom first. Then to the Aladdin carpet ride, which was fun! We got to steer it around with this joystick to go either high or low! We got to look at the treehouse that has some parts from ships to build into a treehouse. Another ride was the Pirates of the Caribbean, and it was a water ride sailing in the water! My favorite part was down the waterfall! At the end of the day, my aunt, (who works at Disney and paid for us to go on the rides!) told us to go on this haunted mansion which was a slow roller coaster ride. It was kind of scary (because it was at night) after going on that ride, we went on a ferry and went back to our hotel. The next day, we went to Hollywood Studios and the first ride we went on was Star Wars! It was this ride that was called Smuggler’s Run, and it was pretty fun! There were three roles: Pilot, Gunner, and Engineer. The next one was called Star Tours which was pretty fun! It was similar to Smuggler’s Run but Smuggler’s Run you could control. Although we had fun with those rides, my aunt said let’s go to this ride called Rise of the Resistance. However, there were so many people wanting to go that they had to close it temporarily. So, instead, we went on a roller-coaster ride, and I was very excited to get on it but when we got on it, we went upside-down, and it was pretty scary, but I was still excited at the same time! On the third day at Disney World, we went to two parks. Because we could stay at Disney for three days, my aunt wanted us to go to all the parks. But we went to Epcot first because we could only transfer to other parks at 2:00 p.m. We walked around Epcot a little bit and then we saw something related to Moana. It was pretty cool because it had water functions if you put your body or your hand! Then we went to see Mini Mouse, a Disney character, and took a picture. Then Twila, my sister, wanted to go see Moana, while I was going to the Mars Space Mission. It was pretty fun because it felt like you were in a rocket! Next, we met up together again and this time, my mom would come on the ride. However, later it turned out to be a light roller-coaster, and we were in a car that drove itself! But because it was like a Roller-coaster, my mom said that if she knew it was like a roller-coaster, she would not have ridden it. But then we went to the other park, Animal Kingdom because it was past 2:00 p.m.! The first ride we went to, was the safari ride and we got to see actual alligators, giraffes, and even lions! Then there was this African man with drums, and he got us moving and somehow, our feet felt better after hours of walking. Then we went on a dinosaur ride which was very bumpy, and exciting. I was scared though. I was so near the big dinosaurs because I could probably fit inside them. Next, we went on a roller-coaster called Mount Everest. It was high, but I went on it anyway. It made my sister’s tummy feel weird, so she could not go on the upcoming ride. It was another roller-coaster! Mommy didn’t want Twila to go because she didn’t want Twila’s tummy to feel weird. Since my Mom had to watch Twila and doesn’t like to go on roller coasters, so it was only my dad, my aunt, and of course, me. This ride was considered the best ride in Disney! It was in Epcot so we had to take a bus there. Then we walked there. The ride was called Guardians of the Galaxy and it was one of my favorite rides ever! First, we went backward, then the roller-coaster was twisting around and we were twisting with the rails also, and it was a fun experience for me. However, all things came to an end and we had to get off the ride. It was also getting dark so we had to go to our hotel to sleep for the night. The other days we rested and then looked at a new hotel to stay. We stayed at the new hotel for two days and then we went to our aunt’s house! We had fun there and we got to see one of our uncles, Uncle Allen. We also got to see their cat and dog. We also got to walk around their neighborhood. But after two days we had to go to the airplane to go back to where we live, Tulsa!